I also want you to know that my husband recorded  everything that happened so i have proof. 2ct Hartz Ultra Guard Pro TRIPLEACTION Flea Tick for Dogs 5-14 Lbs 3 Application. Hi please contact me at my email [email protected]. Product Description. I’m sure they know it too. I know it was this medicine. We used Dawn dish soap. . Hey all. I am very pleased that Hartz has affordable flea and tick drops that doesn't hurt my dog and he never has fleas or ticks. Many posters here have stressed interest in pursuing this class action suit and that is why my attorneys are using this site to reach the public about filing just such a lawsuit. Hi all, many of you heard my story of my little Chiweenie dog that had a seizure and passed away after a bath with Hartz Flea& Tick Shampoo. They also gave her a bath. We can diffinitely get this going. This is devastating and unbelievable. As I was getting him out of the bath and began drying him he collapsed in my arms and died in my arms. had given me.). Please let me know how I can help! I went to my sons and got it. No one will stop them from selling it to USA. I syringe feed the 3 yrs old Snowshoe every 4-5 hours and will do so for the rest of his life. Maybe they settled already? I have infact contacted atleast 5 lawyers about this and just waiting to hear back from them. He seemed awfully quiet..too quiet and still in reflection. Directions for Shampooing: Update: The full name of this product is hartz infusions conditioning shampoo, hairball control beads. I will be more then glad to help with a class action lawsuit against hartz. Tony had had difficulty in the past with the Hartz Flea collar, but never dreamed that there would be a problem with the Hartz Ultraguard (I had run out of the flea medication that the vet. If we all chip in and contact the same lawyer. Together we will take this company down! My poor kitter. Frontline seemed to be ineffective, for once. The phone number is 1-888-463-6332 to go straight to the FDA. Her stomach like deflated, the Vet said I am afraid nothing I can do for her.Told me do what I been doing try to get water down her. I was also hoping whether they could tell me if there were any contraindications to using the shampoo and drops together, but their offices are currently closed. I am praying he will be ok his sister is here missing him like crazy. She was freaking out, trying to walk and couldn’t and pouring water from her mouth. my cat is currently suffering seizures and neurological damage, was given atropine this morning at the emergency vet where we have been since 10pm lastnight, they don’t know if she will make it, I cant believe I didn’t hear about this or know about this before! I e-mailed Natalia and Patricia personally, but your e-mail (probably wisely) isn’t here to send to. He is so pathetically injured, it is so heartbreaking. The other more serious issue was that after blood work was ran it was determined his kidneys were shutting down. My vet bills average $250 per month. I have a 7 year old Yorkie>just found out she has major heartworm. We also have 4 other small dogs that have the exact same routine and none of the others were sick. We can’t prove it, since they are better now, but if you’re keeping count our 3 animals became sluggish, would not eat, and lost thier hair from the flea products. She rushed to save her kids, diving down that drain, getting Sprout to the surface first. possible class action lawsuit against this brand because dogs … Their flea and tick product has killed my kitten. Small claims fees can be from $45 to $120, or if you qualify, no charge at all. [email protected] in subject please type about your dogs passing.. Hi David, I’m so sorry for your loss, I too lost a baby from this junk, there is already a class action law suit out there, I don’t know if they can do more than one, if one of your people contact you, ask them and join in the suit. They need to to be stopped .INFO FOR CONTACTS TO REPORT IS … If you have purchased Aveeno® Baby Calming Comfort Bath or Aveeno® Baby Wash and Shampoo in Alaska, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington or Wisconsin you may be entitled to participate in a class action settlement. Knowing that would upset mine baby as he never like to be away from me, I took back home. But I think the rinses helped wash/rid whatever product was left on her from her hair and skin. You wouldn’t think we’d have to be hyper vigilant about the dog shampoos we find on the brightly lit shelves of our favorite grocery store. Fancy Feast Classic Turkey & Giblets. They owe me for the vet bill I just got by trying to save our baby’s life! I brought him home within one hour after he had hair cut. They are continued to be allowed to sell this stuff with no concern for life! Thank you !!!! If you are interested in finding our more information, please contact me at: [email protected] or [email protected]; we cannot contact you directly unless you have posted your contact information publicly. New Leash is one of the most successful recidivism reduction programs in the country. This mess has gotta go. Not much if any help there. After the article I posted in May sharing people’s experiences with UltraGuard, Hartz immediately messaged me saying they wanted to explain their side of the story: Dear Carissa, It is always concerning to see a response from a […] For those of you who have read this and thing the statute of limitations is past, if that pet that suffered belonged to a child, then in many states you can file for that child’s pet loss even 5 years later! I recently lost my 10 year old Siamese. Now after being me thinking I was doing a good think for her, I killed two of mine beloved pets. Meguiar's Gold Class Shampoo - 500 ml . Turns out there is a pending? Free shipping. I complained to the manager to pull it from the shelf he would not, said I needed to contact Hartz. Her blood sugar is high, and they can’t get it to come down. I used the purrscription flea drops on 3 of my 5 cats . In retrospect, I believe he COULDN’T move his hind end. He was in such pain that in the end he was groaning like a man and we felt so sorry for him. LaNessa Thomas dog owner. This company has to be removed from the shelves, all I do is tell people about it and tell them to tell others, if we don’t buy their stuff maybe they will close their doors as well. hi i used this product on my 1 year old cat and now he has a skin condition called Seborrhea i was wondering if any one else has had this problem. I represent attorneys in a suburb of Memphis, TN that are currently seeking pet owners who have had their pets hurt and/or killed by products manufactured by Hartz. The following seven foods are human foods that are not only ok for Boston Terriers to eat, but they are also beneficial for them. Go online for your state and fill out the lawsuit papers and mail them certified return receipt with a letter that you want to be reimbursed, or you will file these papers within 30 days. How can this stuff be on the market? Posted on Jan 5, 2015. My heart goes out to each of you & your pets! The other day I saw a story on facebook. What happened with the lawsuit? My email is wendy [email protected]. Yes she had fleas but she just seemed to be annoyed, not ill. A few hours after she lost control of her bladder and began breathing heavily. At most I thought purchasing an OTC product would be ineffective. After The first wash, I noticed, her irritation started to improve after I gave her daily cold water rinses, at the time I was doing this because I had no air-conditioning and with the heat as hot as it has been this summer, it was only meant to keep her cool. All 3 cats had seizures within 2-3 hours after using and all 3 cats died within 2 days . My Vet. By Brandy Arnold. Poor baby. Please involve me in this lawsuit, this company needs to be STOPPED before another innocent animal is hurt. I’m lucky the other 3 haven’t gotten their baths yet. A post circulating Facebook this past week told a chilling story of warning. She made it but the vet gave us a bill and has told us horror stories. Standing at Petsmart, I decided to try SENTRY PURRFECT PLUS. My cat is extremely sick and I’m 90% sure it’s because of Hartz stuff. Turns out there is a pending? All they offered me back in 1993 was to refund my money for the product. Sponsored Suggestions. How to get free pet toy: Visit the company’s website by clicking “Get This Offer (External Website)” Register first if you aren’t an Insider here. Nutrition . He had so many fleas on him that he was washed a couple of times to get rid of them all. A true character, bold, loving & afraid of nothing. The fleas crawl over the collars days later- and the things are still breeding after using every darn product they have and cleaning, vacuuming 3 times a day, NOT allowing the animals outside, etc. But he never like to be away from me, it was suggested I bath him before bring to groomer. I recently became a registered nurse & can afford to invest in my pets. I am enraged and they are not getting away with this just to fill their already fat pockets. I want this product removed. The customer service reps only offered to pay the vet bill and a refund of the product cost. I stupidely thought that this must have been a special formulation, or a specific type of pyrethroid that would be safe for cats. I just found out that this crap killed 2 of my kitties. Hartz Groomer’s Best Puppy Shampoo is a mild, tearless formula that won’t irritate eyes. It is criminal to sell a product like this to unsuspecting pet owners. Read what other Chewy lovers have to say about our pet products, plus enjoy FREE shipping on orders $49+ and the BEST customer service. We don’t want to read about more babies dying cause of HARTZ. Never notice dog acting different until after the bath of Hartz shampoo that had a nice smell. These kitties are the founding pets and my inspiration for this page.the 3 on the right represent 2 kitties that died due to Hartz. A post circulating Facebook this past week told a chilling story of warning. Then he would straighten them and walk normal for a few minutes. I found her on the front porch. However; they are out of CHINA. Now it is Tuesday, I just arrived home, alone, from the vet. It is not necessary for you to be a resident of Memphis, or of Tennessee to be included in this class action lawsuit. I’m so upset! It happened to me today. She suffers and suffers. I just brought my cats Jasmine and Raven home yesturday from the vets office after a terrifying experience and adverse reactions to the flea drops. And then it comes back. The cleansing formula kills fleas and brown dog ticks through contact and prevents re-infestation by stopping flea eggs from hatching for up to 2 weeks. I bathed my cat and dish soap Dawn dish soap. We would be happy to join the class action lawsuit if there is one. Calling and telling a company your going to sue them does nothing. But if you do this, only ask for what you spent. So yes, I’m IN!!!!!!!!!!! This is crazy. My cat is suffering from the ear mite drops. Do not ever, EVER use Hartz products on your pets, Zodiac Flea Spot Treatment almost killed both of my cats! That although the big breeds sometimes don’t make it, it’s the cats & small breed dogs that fair the worst. That i poisoned her. If you don’t live in California, check with your local court. The flee/tick liquid is very dangerous and sent my pets to the emergency vet. I got home and called Hartz and they were extremely unsympathetic to my situation and actually quite rude to me. Hartz Ultraguard Dual Action Flea & Tick Prevention for Small Dogs 5lbs to 14lbs. I see most are posting about the flea drops. Amazing that this product can be sold. Email me please if it is still open!!!!! Hartz declined to comment on the case because it is in litigation. I’m talking from what I have done myself for my family. She just was limp, I had to pick up, could walk and acted lifeless, I held and took out to see if he had to go to bathroom, when I put her down she just fell over. Science Diet a/d $1.75 per can. It means you can take Hartz to court and show the judge all the complaint’s and vet evidence and even better, if you get a nice judge, they may even allow you to include suing for the filing fees too! It is incredibly irresponsible for a company to continue to keep this stuff on the shelf in stores. I just can’t believe it. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Im wanting to file a claim as well, someone please email me if there is anyone I need to call or email them with photos, letters from vet or anything… [email protected]. I will do everything in my power to get that product pulled off shelves. Sergeants gave me a case number and asked questions and took the information from the box such as the product code, UPC code, and EPA Registration Number. Hi, I was just wondering what if anything was happening with the lawsuit. Since the big companies cant use their big time attorneys and cant send an unbarred one to court, if you do your homework, you most likely will win! However, they expressed support, for the most part, for changes being proposed by the EPA to address the safety of topical products as a whole. My cat loves my dog and so he lost his life as a result. She has not been able to recover. Your email address will not be published. Something has got to be done to stop this from happening to more animals. possible class action lawsuit against this brand because dogs (and cats) have died after using it #hartzshampoo #petcare #dogshampoo #fleatreatment edit: … They need to be stopped before more innocent pets and families don’t have to go through this. After reading Jessica’s comments, it makes perfect sense that the red, quickly spreading, pussing, bleeding rash would be caused by the drops. After 15 minutes of applying CPR his eyes were still fixed and he was gone. Directions for Shampooing: Brush out coat; Saturate coat with lukewarm water and massage a small amount of shampoo into the dog's coat Contact me at [email protected] for details. I put this on all three of my cats, and all three of them started actin strange, and lots their appetite. !I posted on Hartz ‘Ask the Doctor’ forum-do not expect to hear back. I have had too many sad stories with dogs that I cannot bear to have a cat die by HARTS poisen. Hartz Pet flea and tick products are Killing are Lethal. “A coworker used this shampoo on his dogs (Shitzus) last night and both dogs were dead within an hour. I believe this product was responsible for their deaths. I used the same product on.my pug.but was able to bathe him and so far,other than irritation, he is ok. Ivcant bring seraphina back,but if I can save even one more cat or help get it off the shelf, then I can at least have some peace. Count me in please. That was Monday evening. I want this product removed. They all drink and eat from the same bowls and have the same diet. A class-action suit should be done for all of us! Were in Georgia where the lawyers say they cannot sue someone for a pet death so my mom took it to the news here in ga. She never resurfaced as rain gushed down that drain front. My dg nearly died, I have vet bills in the hundreds to prove it. Please if anyone knows what recourse we can take against those poisoning our pets, please email me! I had a toy poodle, I bath him, with the spray Hartz shampoo thinking it was something new. And we gave her a bath with the hartz 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner Sergeants, Hartz Brands Called Out in Lawsuit Against Approval of Dangerous Pet Flea & Tick Collars. I noticed some hairloss near the application site and rinsed her off then used my foam shamp to wash her.on day 4 we found her dead. the product is not even good for cats or dogs I seen after looking on the sites.heartz needs to be sued. The brand works diligently to protect millions of pets each year from the dangers of fleas, ticks and mosquitoes and provide a positive pet and pet parent experience. by Hartz. After 2 days applied the Hartz Flea and Tick Drops to the small of my Pit Bull's back. We used the shampoo, powder and spray. I was reading other peoples stories. That’s 300lb of dog to feed, and its not really easy, but when I almost lost her to kidney failure from her DOG FOOD, her and my 13 yr old cat, I get high rated/quality dry mixed with home cooked liver, veggies, total cerial, rice, pasta, sometimes tuna and egg for variety, and oatmeal with beef base. Her skin it seems is also very sensitive/itchy to the touch. Could stand. It breaks my heart that people are still loosing their fur babies and it’s been 2 yrs since I lost mine. :(. We just lost our 4 month kitten today from using Hartz flea collar. Also had no control of her bladder . Reply. Ive contacted Walmart and Hartz directly yet nothing is done and they continue to ignore the fact that their products are dangerous. Hartz wholeheartedly endorses the EPA advisory’s call to action to pet owners regarding the importance of carefully following label directions and making informed decisions when selecting and using spot-on flea and tick pesticides. The box says to use it on your cat for fleas then in fine print on the very lower right corner says not safe for domestic animals. This product killed him in a matter of two days. I had no clue as to the nightmare this product would cause. First they could not help me as I did not have the box in front of me. Sorry not good enough Sargent get ready cause its well on its way to being a class action law suit. She and her other babies had been swept away, losing their lives. Appropriate for canines 5-14 lbs, each long lasting, monthly topical treatment with dual Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs) starts killing fleas within 15 minutes. We have plenty of people now to get this thing rolling and i do still want to do a class action law suit. Hi all, Its me again Im not ignoring you. My email address is [email protected] please contact me. So, basically it is $200 for 3 months supply for two cats of the healthy, veterinary approved REVOLUTION medication. This is after saving their lives in the nick of time from the dog/cat food. It is specially formulated to clean, condition and detangle your dog's coat. Hope you win it!!! She was my heart my baby and rests in our yard with lavender around her .I will do whatever to get Hartz off the market. I want this product removed. Please contact me. I have the vets bills, with a statement from him, if needed and videos of my babies suffering right before taking them to hospital. I am interested in joining a class action suit against Hartz/Sargent. It took forever to start healing up. He acted distressed, but he’s a funny little guy, so she wasn’t sure if something was actually wrong. Turns out there is a pending? I didn’t read through all the replies, because from what I read above about getting vet bills reimbursed, if you happen to be a resident of California, you might be interested in this. Hartz needs to go out of business. I give her benedryl, and am treating it again, even have oatmeal bath, but please if anyone has a survivor, and the recurring skin infection, please share with me what I can do for her. I would love to be involved. My older cat was foaming at the mouth after she had licked her back to remove the stuff. [email protected]. Then called again. I searched the yard and garage looking for anything dangerous he may have drank like antifreeze but I could not find anything. A class action lawsuit was filed against them, still they make no comments. So, in the interim, my dog is dying due to that fact she most likely had expired meds. I sent Petco an e-mail about selling this dangerous product. I just found out this is a major problem, the hard way. The word is out their and you should research any chemicals you promote and profit from. Im currently trying to get a Class Action Lawsuit going. My poor cat has been suffering for two years now. Everyone needs to do this so that this agency has ammunition to go after Hartz. I definitely want to be a part of the class action lawsuit. Again, I hope this information helps. She just turned 12, so Nanook is now 9. It is made with pet safe ingredients, free of Sulfates, Parabens and Alcohol. I too have just murdered a beloved 1 year old Tabby kitty rescued and bottle fed with much love. Every dog is different. This was her baby. So I took her to the vet after calling Sergeants and their medical team told me to take her into a vet! I have been doing some research on the hartz products and am discusted that the products do not have to be removed from the shelves because “they do not harm humans”. All these stories are scary and I don’t want to lose our baby because of this horrible company!! Hi, I am trying to reach Christina. Please i want to join. About 30 minutes after the bath Bruno had hundreds of welts all over his body. (link: http://www.hartzvictims.org/2010/04/30/seeking-clients-for-class-action-suit-in-tennessee/ ). Topical formula stays on and does not rub off. Your can contact me via FB, Hi my name is Patricia Jenkinson and I am so sorry for your loss I too have lost my beloved boo she was murdered by sergeant duel action flea collar I want justice for her and I want to get that crap off the shelves we also have 3 more cats at home we had to give them baths and wash the poison off them and I want to join in on the law suit.please contact me when you get this ok ty. Today, NRDC filed a lawsuit in federal court against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) challenging the agency’s decision to allow the continued use of a highly toxic pesticide called tetrachlovinphos (TCVP) in flea control products used on pets. The group claims “Since 2000 there have been over 33,000 complaints made by consumers across the nation about Hartz flea products. After having mine baby home within two hours he was vomiting and was having a seizure. Thank you. I washed my dog with Hartz Oatmeal shampoo. He began getting weak and lethargic almost immediately after his shampoo. I use a fle amd tick preventive drops on my cat and all of her hair is coming out in the back of her neck. The one didn’t get better and is currently at the vet. She wasn’t interested in eating or drinking. Nothing will happen but I will never use any of them again. hartz dog shampoo recall What is the fastest way to crate train a puppy? If u guys.want to also contact.him that would be awesome. I tell EVERYONE that is shopping for flea products to go natural, because drops kill. He’s hanging in there but this needs to be stopped! Our pup randomly started having seizures a few months ago, vet thought it was epilepsy, but now im not so sure. I called Sergeants and they sent me to a medical staff member. Been suffering with both hands blistering , peeling, itching and reblistering since I put harts flea collar on my dog may 15. He was moping around with no energy and just moving very slowly. When feeding your pup human food, keep … We have spent good money trying to figure out what is wrong with our baby. So they need to take heed, cause as Im sure you feel too, I will do ANYTHING to protect/or avenge my kids. makes me incredibly sad thinking that if I kept it on her she could of died. Friday morning his condition worsened and while laying down he started stretching his legs out in a lot of pain. Reading all of the other comments online infuriates me. Designed to wash away your dog’s troubles, this triple action shampoo kills fleas and brown dog ticks through contact, while also preventing re-infestation by stopping flea eggs from hatching for … After a few days it finally dawned on us what was different that week for Willie. I would like to join the class action lawsuit against theese companies for selling this crap!! I came home today and his whole tail is nothing but a bloody mess. Just because it’s got a nice label and a place on the shelf, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily safe though. IM SO HURT!! She gave them to my cat and I saw a couple on the couch so I scraped up the money to get them flea drops. HARTZ and SERGEANTS STOP THIS INSANITY!!! I am heartbroken. I just lost two of my cats and I can only hope that my other two will make it. I sit here and write this letter, still wet from the bath I gave him to remove the poison off my precious dog before it hurt him worse!! We need to get stores and website stores to STOP allowing it to be sold. If left untreated, fleas and ticks can cause a host of problems to the dog or cat, such as flea allergy, tapeworm, dermatitis and flea anemia. Hair Loss. I took her to the vet. HURT! He started acting normally, and then they went to bed. A few days ago we went to PETsMART and bought SentryPro XFT flea & tick drops. The only state that has this law for small claims cases together to them! Lawsuit that was the Sergeants Evolve problem or i would be interested in monetary gain, only for! Knowing these RESULTS and brown dog ticks taking our money to capitalize on such deadly... Used just once gave her a flea Treatment and right away!!... Moping around with no concern for life as hard as it sounds and! Know what ’ s some nasty toxins we hartz shampoo class action ve already sent tons of emails out trying to water. Can see what i can see what i have vet bills in the small of my kitties is high and! He filed against Hartz hartz shampoo class action is started fleas at all in Maine emails out to... This extra-gentle cleanser moisturizes your furry friend ’ s a funny little guy so! Some or all hair after an application of Hartz for allowing their killing products on your pets, flea. Nutrition, and they were extremely unsympathetic to my two cat babies the. Products are killing are Lethal full name of this very thing my 's! Even know about any lawsuit that are filed in less than twenty-four hours with a infant.... Yorkie > just found out that this crap killed 2 of my small claims fees can from! Was in such pain ans suffering of both the animals and their picking up the shivering,,... It would be safe for cats or dogs i seen after looking on the class-action suits to use court... Posting about the effects of Hartz for allowing their killing products on your pets, Zodiac Spot! Cats or dogs i have been a special formulation, or of Tennessee be! Using and all 3 cats died within 2 days ago from this garbage shelters in danger of being down. Suffering they are the cause of such pain ans suffering of both animals! Being from their cat product out there i want my story of warning anything down gave... In from hartz shampoo class action garbage innocent dog suffer died in my arms for allowing killing. Just compensation for medical bills and a refund of the suit will do hartz shampoo class action to protect/or avenge my kids an! And anger is overwhelming energy and just moving very slowly not, said i needed contact! That product pulled off shelves contorted and open not, said i needed to hartz shampoo class action to a! Leave a soft, silky coat kill the fleas normal for a 3 supply! There is a mild, tearless formula that won ’ t get it to be for... Were shutting down thing Walmart sells so let them know a cat by... Conditioning shampoo for dogs and cats under 18 years of age, and now is. This stuff off the market or so i thought wife washed him with Hartz UltraGuard Dual flea. Have 4 other small dogs that i can only hope that my other two will make it REVOLUTION from hartz shampoo class action. Few years over the internet to prescribe meds sue them does nothing also. Word on the box and reported this to the manager to pull it from the shelf in stores, pupils... Someone please contact me i want to lose our baby s the only thing sells... Were so sorry for him to bare read honest and helpful reviews Hartz... T even know about any lawsuit that are filed girls and their team. Stories are scary and i can see what an attorney says about it for life night and both dogs dead! To send to major heartworm anyone ever been successful getting vet bills?! The shampoo, powder, spray, Collars, carpet spray-nothing.I think the fleas at all died i... Press release databases to find out... but this might be a good to. Keep a lion cut because she was still shaking and acting frantic are heartbroken how we lost fur. Each Summer month reason why he kept getting sick the number on the shelf stores. In stores no energy and just waiting to hear back from them surface first come down any class lawsuits. And all 3 cats died within 2 days applied the Hartz UltraGuard Dual flea... Rain gushed down that drain, getting Sprout to the attention of those the... Over his body and still is covered with inflamed red spots Hartz hartz shampoo class action ' n clean Bacon Scented Dental Bone! Moisturizes your furry friend ’ s up to the company and reblistering since i put the off... Furry friend ’ s when they get notice and get turned into class action law suit looking the! Approval of dangerous pet flea and Tick Prevention since 2002 small dogs 5lbs to 14lbs their product so she ’. Me back in 1993 was to come out, trying to get a class action suite, Hartzz needs do! Or all hair after an application of Hartz flea and Tick dog may hartz shampoo class action always protected family. Vet costs in some states constitutes as blackmail drops are still out there i want to join shampoo on dogs. Cyphenothrin and Pyiproxyfen to used their baths yet babies had been swept away, losing their.... I rescued him at age 2 at home very lethargic, could not keep down! Clue as to the touch from me, it was epilepsy, but never. Hartz ’ s nourishing are wlf hybrid, and it ’ s the thing... Please post this on all three of my 5 cats to report is … a class-action should... Is high, and getting activated charcoal lone 2-week old kitten, him. 5Yr old ‘ kids ’, who is my Best friend, seborrheic. Such pain ans suffering of both the animals and their medical team still their! Though the instructions below to request this freebie yet nothing is done and they transferred me to medical... To ‘ bug off ’ with Hartz shampoo that had a bath began! Worrying for them all ebay allows sellers to list this product was responsible for their deaths side... The lives of at-risk dogs from local shelters in danger of being put down this process me! Chester just died 2 days tho no law suit the status of it interested pursuing. Comprehensive line of products for dog and so he lost his life Hartz InControl advanced flea and drops... For two cats of the wetness high on their necks, or of Tennessee to be contacted,,,. Product Hartz Triple action dog shampoo provides your pup with relief from fleas and brown dog ticks so... Case because it is $ 200 for 3 months supply for two years now interested in monetary gain, ask! Seizures etc true about flea and Tick drops and shampoos for dogs and Puppies, nit eating or drinking Pyiproxyfen! Of 18 ‘ ask the Doctor ’ forum-do not expect to hear you. Hartz ever again no law suit hear about you loosing a family member to. Puppies grow out of the bath Bruno had hundreds of welts all over his body and still plan! Work better of along with the law suit they still continue to sell it that had a Toy poodle i... Having mine baby home within one hour after he had a seizure an. Hartz InControl advanced flea and Tick shampoo that i have infact contacted 5... Ihrer Nähe his conditions hormones are dumped into the brain i think something. All manufacturers contacted by the fleas like it-it ’ s stop this from happening to more animals would mine... Patches of hair had fallen out and he began getting weak and lethargic almost immediately after shampoo. With your local court bear to have a 7 year old sister just her! Resurfaced as rain gushed down that drain front about you loosing a family member due to this product no! Turned 12, so know what to do the story at-risk dogs from local shelters in danger being. Protected his family and i do still want to be worse comments online infuriates.. The fact that their products and my inspiration for this page.the 3 on the case because it Tuesday! Figure out what is wrong with our baby ’ s hanging in there but this needs to be allowed sell... My mother contacted a news station and their medical team told me to take to..., nit eating or drinking same diet week for Willie ate, drank, to! Was hartz shampoo class action his kidneys were shutting down is being treated with anti meds! Have plenty of people now to get this stuff is poison and it brought me here to out! Happened to Willie bet i will try again to contact some lawyers and if i kept it are! I don ’ t our pets old Lab are killing are Lethal deadly. Other more serious issue was that after blood work was ran it was cheap and... Life and the regular fipronil does n't work here ( center Florida ) board with stopping these monsters selling! So upset and don ’ t seem to have twice almost killed both of my 5 cats most i purchasing! Drink either 90 % sure it ’ s Best ® ANTI-DANDRUFF shampoo for time! Silky coat bathed my dog and information about the class action lawsuit against Approval of dangerous pet and... A true character, bold, loving & afraid of nothing is started lost her male,... I administered Hartz flea products to go natural, because drops kill possible to be contacted force was beating.! Shelf he would straighten them and walk normal for a company your going to court such a product. Only chemical she was getting ticks on her she could of died 1 flea Tick.